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Georgetown Bariatrics & Metabolic Center, a nationally recognized Center of Excellence, is on the forefront of providing Metabolic Surgery for fighting the diseases of Diabetes and Obesity. Our surgical procedures, specifically the Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass are scientifically proven to improve diabetes, in addition to providing a surgical tool for weight loss.

Eric F. Smith, DO, our surgeon, has performed well over 5000 of these procedures, and has impressive outcome statistics. Our program, located in Central Kentucky, has been helping patients regain their health since 1999.

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Want to view the Seminar online?

The first step in the weight loss journey is to attend a seminar to learn more about the procedure. We understand that attending an in person seminar might be challenging for your schedule, so we offer the seminar online as well!

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See our Program in Action

Watch this series of videos to learn about each stage of the weightloss process.

Fast Track Program

You may qualify for our new Fast Track Program! It contains ALL of the high-quality pre-surgical preparation we are known for, simply redesigned to help qualified patients get to surgery in HALF the time!

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Click here to register for a FREE seminar, call us at 502.570.3727 or visit GeorgetownBariatricsAdvancedSurgical.com for more details!