Psychological Support

We know that our patients enjoy their weight loss, better health & dramatic quality of life improvements after surgery.  We also understand that even positive change may require some life adjustment.  Some patients may experience relationship challenges, body image issues or even a fear of returning to old, unhealthy eating habits.  Chronic depression and anxiety are common pre-surgical problems, and unfortunately, surgery itself does not automatically remove these symptoms.

Although we encourage all patients to attend our popular Goal Getters Support Group meetings, some people find they need more specialized care than a support group is intended to provide.  

We have psychological support provided by: 

HealthPoint Associates, Inc. Psychological & Wellness Services

11900 Brinley Ave, Suite 101 
Louisville, KY 40243
502-895-0000 office
502-895-7955 fax

Charles J. Biebel, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist 

Justin O. Anderson, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

HealthPoint Associates, Inc. Psychological & Wellness Services Team