Gastric Sleeve

With a Sleeve Gastrectomy, approximately 85% of your stomach is removed, leaving a small tube of a stomach in place.  By doing this, you will achieve immediate restriction in the amount of food that you can eat at any given time.

This procedure is a good option for many patients, as it involves immediate restriction and some appetite suppression which happens as a result of the lower stomach removal.  Patients see a quick weight loss and quicker resolution of co-morbid conditions, including the possibility of immediate improvement for Type 2 Diabetes.

Although the stomach is cut and stapled, the intestines are not manipulated at all, which allows for full absorption of calories, vitamins and minerals.


  • Stomach volume is reduced                                                     
  • May Decrease Hunger and Appetite                                        
  • Lower Chance of Protein and Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Faster Weight Loss as Compared to Gastric Band
  • Can be converted to other weight loss procedures
  • Shows greater weight loss at 2-years compared to Gastric Bypass (BBSA Data)


  • Potential for inadequate weight loss or weight re-gain
  • Not Reversible