After Delivery

Our Nursery is located in the Women's Services area and very close to all delivery rooms - close enough to keep mother, child and family within minutes of each other.

Immediately after delivery, you will have the option to spend one-on-one time with your new baby.  After a recovery period after delivery, you will be moved from labor and delivery into our Postpartum Unit where you will spend your time until discharge.

We offer all parents the option of rooming in with your baby from birth until discharge, or we have specially trained nursing staff that will bring your baby from the nursery to be with you in your room and then return the baby to the nursery when you need to rest.

If you are breastfeeding, our lactation consultant and nursery staff will offer assistance to insure both baby and mom are comfortable.

To insure your baby's safety, Georgetown Community Hospital has an electronic infant security system to guard against infant abduction.