Our Facility

Georgetown Community Hospital is unique in that it has a specialized wing designed exclusively for Bariatric Patients. The Bariatric Care Unit is equipped with amenities that typical patient care facilities do not have, such as larger shower stalls, size-friendly furniture and beds, appropriately sized gowns and a staff that has specific training in the needs of our bariatric population.

Another unique attribute that sets Georgetown Community Hospital apart from other facilities is the fact that our staff is trained to meet the specific needs of our bariatric patients. We do not pull from other areas of our facility to staff this unit, so our patients can always be certain they are being cared for by nurses who are well-trained and knowledgeable.  Our patients will frequently find that they receive supportive continuity of care as our nursing leadership and Certified Bariatric Nurses have many opportunites to interact with our patients both before, during and after surgery.

In addition to the wonderful providers you'll meet on your way through our preparation program, you may have opportunity to meet Nichole Reed, RN, BSN, CPPS, CBN and Kelly Reese, RN.  Kelly is the Director of Surgical Services and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the OR Team.  Nichole is the Director of Critical Care Services (ICU/CCU/BCU) and takes personal ownership of your experiences while you are in the care of her nurses.