Frequently Asked Questions about Anticoagulation Treatment

Why can’t I just go to my primary care provider for this service? 

Studies have shown that Coumadin/Warfarin can be regulated more effectively and safely by specifically-trained nurses and pharmacists than by individual physicians and their staff. Going to a laboratory for blood testing and then waiting to hear from a physician’s office for the result and instructions is time consuming and inconvenient. An anticoagulation service will accomplish all of this in one short, convenient visit. 

How much will this cost, and will my insurance cover it? 

The charges for this service will be based on the services provided; however, most insurance policies will cover the cost. Check with your insurance company about your specific benefits.
Will my primary care provider by aware of what is going on with my blood testing? 

Yes! Information will be available to your doctor at all times, and he/she will be consulted when necessary. 

What are the qualifications of the people working for this service? 

Our anticoagulation service staff includes licensed nurses and pharmacists as needed. This staff has been specially trained in anticoagulation therapies. The protocols used by the staff to manage Coumadin/Warfarin and other anticoagulation medicines were developed and approved by an expert team of physicians, nurses and pharmacists at Georgetown Community Hospital, using nationally accepted published guidelines. The expert team continuously reviews published guidelines and updates the service’s protocols to ensure they are consistent with current best practices. 

Do I need a referral from my doctor?
Yes! If your physician believes this service is right for you, he/she will refer you to the Coumadin Clinic. Your doctor must refer you to our service in order for you to participate. After receiving the referral, you will be called to schedule your first visit. 

Do I need an appointment? 

You will be expected to have appointments, which will be scheduled by our staff. If you come without an appointment, you will be accommodated when possible. 

To learn more about our Coumadin Clinic, talk to your primary care provider or give us a call at 502-868-5633.